Adblock Plus

As you may have seen on our Facebook page, some of our customers have been experiencing problems with Adblock Plus–for some reason, it will bring page-loading to a complete halt, leaving you staring (usually) at a blank white page. Adblock has been declining recently, anyway, so we recommend removing it completely from Chrome. We advise using uBlock Origin in its place–it’s more effective and way more efficient, so you might want to install it on Firefox, too. It’s not available for Internet Explorer, but IE is just not good anyway.

On a related note, if your home page is (purposefully not hyperlinking that) or, please don’t use Internet Explorer. The sites are so full of ads, videos, slideshows, redirects, trackers, etc., they’ll bring Internet Explorer to its knees. Use Chrome or Firefox with uBlock Origin installed instead. They’re better able to handle those kinds of sites without grinding to a complete stop.